Travel Day – Outbound

    No pictures today since everyone knows what the inside of a crowded airport looks like. LAX is a special kinda hell though. Started the day at home at 4 am and crawling into bed in Vancouver at 9:15 PDT. And all this on one small cup of airplane coffee. Skipped coffee in the morning and layover on the false hope that I could sleep in the 12 square inches allotted me on the plane. Delta’s planners must be 5’5” or less.

    I had over-ambitious plans for this evening, having failed to diagnose our exhaustion. We did see a nice section of Vancouver with several good Japanese restaurants and markets. Maybe tomorrow, I will figure out the name of the neighborhood. Catherine and Elizabeth had their beloved Okonomiyaki with Ellie in tow. Margaret and I had wonderful bowls of Ramen followed by Matcha Ice Cream. Tomorrow the real work begins.

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